This (C# .NET 4) dll is a kind of AAPT/ADB/Fastboot/(apk/zip) Signer - Framework, it provides a lot of predefined .NET functions to communicate with an Android device. It's designed to work in 1st case with any non-root device but u can also use it with any rooted device (A few functions requires root access).

The following (N)amespaces & (C)lasses are currently available:
  • (N) AAPT
    • (C) AAPT
    • (C) Dump
  • (N) ADB
    • (C) ADB (Includes nearly all adb.exe commands)
    • (N) Device
      • (C) Device
      • (C) ActivityManager
      • (C) BuildProperties
      • (N) BusyBox
        • (C) BusyBox
        • (C) Find
        • (C) Tar
      • (C) Daemon (Manage the daemon on the device)
      • (C) Directories (Similar to .NET Directory/-Info)
      • (C) Dumpsys
      • (C) Files (Similar to .NET File/-Info)
      • (C) FileSystem (Returns all mount-points (df / df -Pakh))
      • (C) Forensics (ALFA-State)
      • (C) Input
      • (C) LogCat
      • (C) MediaScanner (Manage the Android MediaScanner, useful after some file-transfers via ADB)
      • (C) Mount (Requires Root and manage the mounts)
      • (C) OpenRecoveryScript (Manage the OpenRecoveryScript)
      • (C) PackageManager
      • (C) Phone (Start a call, dial a number, add a contact or send a sms)
      • (N) Providers
        • (C) Contacts (Contacts provider)
        • (C) Providers
        • (C) Telephony (Telephony provider)
      • (C) Screen
      • (N) SQLite
        • (C) Options
        • (C) QueryTools
        • (C) SQLite3 (SQLite3 database connector)
      • (C) Su
      • (C) Wipe
    • (C) Monitor
  • (N) Fastboot
    • (C) Fastboot (Includes nearly all fastboot.exe commands)
      • (C) Monitor
      • (C) OEM
      • (C) Wipe
  • (N) ProcessModels
    • (C) General (Includes some predefined process models)
    • (C) RealTimeBG (Is a abstract class)
    • (C) RealTimeBGExe (Starts a real time process with in/-output ability based on RealTimeBG)
    • (C) RealTimeBGExeV2 (Starts a real time process with in/-output ability based on RealTimeBG)
  • (N) Signer
    • (C) Signer (signapk.jar Interface)
  • (N) Tools
    • (C) CRC
    • (C) Deploy (Deploy the AAPT/ADB/Fastboot/Signer files needed by this dll)
    • (C) Hash
    • (C) Hex
    • (C) ToolBox
    • (C) UPath
    • (C) Update
  • (C) Cleanup (Delete the files/folders which were created by this dll)


  • U can use all ADB methods/commands via USB or W-Lan/Lan, if ur Rom supports ADB via W-Lan/Lan (Settings/Developer Settings).
  • If u want to use the ADB class (and all subclasses) with BusyBox instead of the Shell u have to set ADB.Instance().UseBusyBox to true. This will tell the ADB instance to use the BusyBox commands inside each method, if the device has BusyBox installed.

Tested OS
Win Vista | 7 | 8 | 8.1 | 10 (32Bit/64Bit in VM-Ware)
Win 7 | 8 | 8.1 (64Bit Native)
Win XP is not longer supported!

Tested Devices
Android x86
Android Emulator some Versions (min. 2.x) in AVD
HTC Sensation -/ XE (non/-rooted)
Samsung Galaxy 2-5 (non/-rooted)
Samsung Galaxy S Plus (non-rooted)
A few Samsung Tabs (non/-rooted)
Huawei P9 Lite (VNS-L21,22,23,31) (non-/rooted)

Android: min. 2.x
Platform: x86/x64 (Windows)
Frameworks: min. .NET 4 and JRE
(Installed ADB/Fastboot driver)

Mirror: My FTP
Mirror: GoogleDrive
(Into each folder are the AndroidCtrl.dll and its markup file (AndroidCtrl.xml) for VisualStudio)

To use the markup file in ur IDE, u have to place the AndroidCtrl.xml beside the AndroidCtrl.dll.
(So u have a "hover" description for each Class / Method)

Mirror: My FTP
Mirror: GoogleDrive
(Contains a simple exe and its source 1 in WinForms and 1 in WPF both are C# written)

N/A (Currently closed)

Du kannst diese DLL in all deinen Projekten frei nutzen!