Here i'll show u how to implement the Drag & Drop in ur program code.
// Top us ur .cs file
using AndroidCtrl;
using AndroidCtrlUI.Explorer;
using AndroidCtrlUI.Explorer.Actions.Windows;
// OnDrop handler
public void OnDrop(object sender, DragEventArgs e)
    // Drop destination path
    string dest = "C:\\";
    // Android drop trigger
    bool adt = false;
    // Here we check if the drop element includes a DataObject
    if (e.Data is DataObject)
        DataObject obj = (DataObject)e.Data;
        // Extract the dropview
        string dropper = obj.GetText(TextDataFormat.Text);
        // Check if the dropper is the android viewmodel
        if (dropper == "android" && obj.GetDataPresent(typeof(DeviceInfo)) && obj.ContainsFileDropList())
            // Set Android drop trigger to true
            adt = true;
            // Now init the copy process
            Copy copy = new Copy((DeviceInfo)dObj.GetData(typeof(DeviceInfo)), dropper, "local", dest, obj.GetFileDropList(), true);
            // (optional) Here u can define a callback which is raised if the copy window is closed
            copy.Closed += DropCallback;
            // Show the copy window
        // If the Android drop trigger is false, ur OnDrop code will be executed
        if (adt == false)
            // Ur OnDrop code here
    e.Handled = true;
// (optional) Callback after copy window is closed
private void DropCallback(object sender, EventArgs e)
    // Do a refresh or something